Thursday, July 28, 2011

Charles River Kayaking

I had no idea what to expect as I arrived for my first session at Community Boating. I was already dreading the noise coming from Storrow Drive as I crossed the footbridge. Shortly after we began, Community Boating quickly became my favorite site. Why, you might ask? The first thing we did after a quick (but very fascinating) lesson on eels was kayak. I used to love to kayak when I was younger and I hadn't done it for years. Our kids seemed almost as excited as I was when I heard we were kayaking out to drop the eel trap. After securing what I deemed to be the fastest looking single person kayak; I pushed it off the dock and slid in. It all came back to me pretty fast. I was having the time of my life kayaking on the Charles, and the kids didn't seem to mind it either.

Paul giving a quick run-down on basic kayaking

I cannot wait to return tomorrow, when we plan to mix up some of our very own Save The Harbor carp bait, and maybe even reel in a couple fish.

-Scott Wortman

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