Friday, July 22, 2011

Nobody beats a good story

It was a pleasant evening on the shores of the Boston Harbor. The sand was soft and the smiling faces of the many children that ventured out to the South Boston Family Reading Night on Carson Beach made the evening seem like a dream. Yes, it was a weekday night but this is the time of year where school children get to cherish staying up late and taking a break on their educational tracks. Complimentary popcorn, hotdogs, and slushies made their way into the hands of happy guests but food was not the main attraction.
It started on the beach. Games both known and new games kids decided to invent with the sports supplies provided were strewn about the beach. Children played excitedly in the freedom of the evening. Coloring books were on hand and a very lively painting station was in action. The Save the Harbor/Save the Bay staff blended into the mist of the night with touch tank excitement. Our station was a big attraction as kids filed into line to get a glimpse. Those brave enough actually reached out to touch the tail and claim the fame of touching a real, live lobster!
You may be thinking that Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay staff may have stolen the show but we were no match as the announcements of the storybook teller came to the crowd. Kids gathered near the teller, glued to his every word, as he began like many before, “Once upon a time…”
You can’t beat a great story and a great story next to a clean beach near sunset is going to win every time. What a great way to spend a weekday night in the summertime.
-Sarah Appleton, (South Boston Family Reading Night- Carson Beach July 21)

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