Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pulizia "cleanup"

Today was fun! At Piers Park as eight year old Olivia and I waited to pull up a crab trap we conversated. Olivia was teach me how to speak Italian. :) Even though she only knows how to say fruit in Italian it was lots of fun. While I repeated the pronounciation of the fruit she spotted a wrapper floating in the Harbor. She screamed at me "Kristina go get the net, QUICK!" I quickly got the arancione "orange" net and handed it over to her, and she patiently waited for the plastic potato chip bag to float closer to the dock before she was able to have a safe scoop. I let her know if everyone was as aware and concerned about trash in the Harbor, it would be even cleaner. I told her imagine if everyone was able to scoop and grab a piece of trash they seen floating in the Harbor, and she said "I guess we need more people like me. People who care about their environment". Overall, Olivia and I learned something new. I learned some Italian and she learned that we need more concerned and caring people to help keep the Harbor clean.

-Kristina :)

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