Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Carp Cookie Bakery!

The Carp Cookie Bakery is open and ready for business at Community Boating! My new friend here at CBI, Mike helped me make the cookieswhile everyone had started fishing with hot dog skins. To make these cookies, we simply stirred together sugar, flour, and a little water. The mixture makes a very thick sticky concoction, which is perfect for catching fish. Mike and I also took this recipe a step further and created the “Carp Pig in a Blanket”. Just like the popular party snack, it was dough wrapped around a little piece of hot dog. We gave our fellow fishermen the cookies to use as bait on their hooks and we all patiently waited for a bite. A few minutes later we have a bite! We pull up a little sunfish out of the water and promptly put it our bucket. Sheuli looked up the fish in the guidebook and also took pictures of the lucky fisherman. Mike and I were very excited that out cookies worked and we went back to work to provide everyone with more cookies. After that first catch, we continued to use our carp cookies as bait and caught 3 more fish! How exciting! I can’t wait to return to CBI next week and make these cookies again!

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