Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waiting for a Bite at Community Boating

It's been a tough season so far for many fishermen around Boston, and our Charles River/Boston Harbor Explorers at Community Boating are no exception. While we're still waiting for our first minnows, eels and carp, the past week has provided some great opportunities for kids to come up with and test their own ideas about the best ways to catch a fish.

We've fished off of the shore, docks and boats, used big hooks, little hooks and lures, baited our hooks with fish, bread, and corn, and used various combinations of bobbers and sinkers. Some kids have gotten very creative with this! One boy decided, after attaching a bobber to his line, that he needed a weight to be able to cast it further. Once he attached the weight, it made the bobber sink, so he ended up using two bobbers and a weight, which, according to him, worked perfectly.

In addition to a few promising nibbles we've had some really great experimentation. The kids are excited to keep trying for the first fish and I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve (as well as a container of worms in my fridge!), so hopefully we'll be able to bring in our first fish by the end of the week!


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