Monday, July 25, 2011

Not the biggest but the tastiest!!!.

Hey everybody,
last week on Thursday I participated on the celebrity fishing tournament, which occurred at the Fan Pier dock .Captain Jason and his crew help us. Before embarking our little journey to fish ,we each went along with a captain. I got to go with David and also two of our staff members which were Mekhi and Timmy. Our first spot to fish was by long island ,we had set up the bate and was ready for a bite ,but unfortunately no one was home.So we decided to relocate to somewhere that had group of birds.Which did not brings us any luck.While we were struggling on finding fish, Diana and Kristina had gotten there first Bass. Diana's was 30 feet long and Kristina's was 35 feet long. That was pretty impressive. But then as it was time head back to the docks, I reeled in my rod and got my first Sea Bass which was very cool then Timmy and Mekhi got some skates .I learned that Skates looked like Sting Rays and they protected themselves with a bunch of pointy thorns. I wasn't the winner, but Bruce mentioned that my fish wasn't the biggest but the tastiest."oh by the way how was my fish Bruce" lol. So far so good. See you next time.

Hugues M.B.

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