Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Castles in the Sand

This weekend, I went to the Revere Beach SandSculpting event for the very first time. Upon arrival my jaw dropped, for I didn’t expect to see so many awesome vendors and that the sculpting would be so amazing. In the learning center tent, I explained to several families about the lobsterswe had in our touch tanks. There were some kids who were eager to touch them while some were scarred to even be near one. Though it was nice to see some of the kids who were initially afraid, warm up to the fearful creature. One of my favorite moments at this event was admiring the beautiful sculptures. Many talented artists incorporated elements of the sea whichreminded me of why I love the oceans so much. My favorite sand sculptures were the one of the turtle and the giant castle. I liked the turtle because I personally like turtles, but it’s also a creature that depends so heavily on the beaches. Without healthy beaches, turtles wouldn’t be able to nest properly and the world would begin to lack in a precious creature that is so iconic to the oceans. The giant sand castle was just really cool and it had such amazing detail. It must have taken a very long time to build because it was so large and intricate. All in all I loved being at this event and I hope it had the same effect on everyone who attended as it did on me. I hope to return to Revere Beach to hang out with my friends and admire the beautiful place that is so accessible to everyone in Boston.

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