Saturday, July 9, 2011

Six weeks of internship wasn't enough!

Hey there! My name is Kristina Acevedo and I recently graduated Fenway High school. A graduation requirement at Fenway is completing a six week internship. Luckily, I was placed at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay for those beneficial six weeks. For those six weeks I was able to bring personality and succeed in assignments that later resulted in a job offering in the summer. I had fun working in the office the last six weeks and had more to see of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay brings to communities that I accepted the offer. I was looking forward to working with the Summer Youth Program I had helped gather information and prepared during my internship. I was looking forward to starting, and now that I have I understand why the faculty at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay are so passionate and love what they do! I am greatful to have had the opportunity to internship here, and fortunate to be giving the chance to return for the summer.

-Kristina :)

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