Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dancing (with Lobsters) in the Park

Tonight was a blast at Wollaston Beach's Dancing in the Park event.

Members of the community, tall and small, came out for a bit of dancing, some tasty Italian ices and, of course, to visit the Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay lobster.

After bogeying, grooving and jiving to the tunes provided by a great DJ, kids and parents wondered over to check out our touch tank and seashell display. Some of our visitors had never seen a live lobster before. They were amazed at the apparent strength of its claws and the length of its antennae. Also, the seashell identification game mystified some of the parents as well as our younger visitors. Some had never seen blue mussel, jackknife clam, and slipper shells.
Someone even wandered over to our table to ask me to identify a strange worm she found at the beach!

All and all, Dancing in the Park was an adorable time, and a good opportunity for members of the community to enjoy themselves, each other and the beautiful Wollaston Beach.

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