Monday, July 25, 2011

"My best art with Tommy and Vinh."

Hey guys,
Two weeks ago I got an opportunity to go on an All Access Boston Harbor trip to Georges Island. When we got to the Island, we had lunch. Then the Save the Harbor Save the Bay staff split up to go to different areas of Georges with the kids . Me, Tommy and Vinh went to the beach side of the Island even though it was pretty hot. At first we did not have any of the Egleston YMCA or any of the Seekers of Knowledge kids with us, so we decided to make a Save the Harbor Save the Bay sign. The sign consisted a bottle of Axe spray, empty crab shells, woods, bricks, old rusty metal, and beach rocks.

It was pretty fun constructing it. The kids loved it ,they took a few pics with it. My favorite part of this experience was adding the smiley:) face to the "O". The kids also had fun messing up our hard work and President Patty sure loved it.

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