Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trashlisting @ Community Boating

Friday, we were delighted to see the Rozalia Project yet again at Community Boating! Using their fancy ROV (remote operated vehicle) Rachel @ Rozalia Project and a plethora of copilots from CBI's environmental group roved the seafloor looking for marine debris.

Among the fabulous trash finds were the following not-so-small objects:

1 Main Sail lost last year
1 glass HOOD milk bottle from the 1930s
1 aluminum foldable chair

In fact, Save the Harbor and CBI staff and sailors helped the Rozalia Project catalog their findings in this same fashion! We found plastic bags, bottles, cans, clothes and even shoes! Who would have thought such a mess existed just a few meters below the surface?

At the end of the day, the logged trash was used for Rozalia Project's Trash Bash, and everyonewas happy to wash their hands!

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