Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Minute Catch

One of the biggest rumors at Camp Harborview in Quincy is that they never catch any fish. I know from my own experience that the rumor is not true because the first fish that I ever caught was at Camp Harborview. Most of the kids do not believe me until I show them proof that I caught a fish there. So, on a regular fun day at the camp we were fishing and of course there were skeptics as usual. After the first two rotations of the day we had not caught any fish and the hopes were very low. The last group rotation came to the dock with expectations to not catch anything except for a few crabs. However, I was very enthusiastic and told them that they could catch a fish at anytime because anything is possible. Time was running out and the last group was close to leaving the dock. By this time most of the kids had given up and decided that there would not be a fish caught today. But, there was a group of girls that stuck with it and didn't want to give up so easy. I began to walk around the dock and let everyone know that it's time to wrap it up and get off the dock. The group of girls took one last cast just to see if the day would change. All of sudden all I could hear was screaming and shouting, "We got something!" At the last minute of the fishing day the group of girls ended up catching a fish and proving the skeptics wrong. I was very proud of the girls because of the fact that they did not give up. They caught a fish and they were so excited and it made me very excited to see that they did it on their own. This just goes to show that you never know what you can catch until you try.

-Will Clark

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Bruce Berman said...

Nice tautog - also know as a blackfish. Not to be confused with a black sea bass - which Hughes caught during the tournament - which should not be confused with a striped bass - like the one Christina caught during our tournament at Fan Pier.