Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunshine, Beaches and the Weekend

The sun warmed our skin, reminding us that today was going to be a hot one. The beach would be filled with laughing children and splashing water in the enjoyment of a clean place to cool off on a hot summer day. This was not the only excitement on Wollaston Beach. Today was special; it was KidsFEST.

Slushies and waters were provided to those enjoying the event and crowds swarmed in as the DJ provided the dance party. If you have never seen a bouncy castle at a kids event, then you do not know the sight of pure pleasure on a child’s face. In Wollaston, this was not the only thing you
could see on children’s faces. The face painting station was frequented by those in attendance and kids were excited to share the many artistic masterpieces now present on arms and faces of their owners.
As I arrived on sight with my crew of blue shirted Save the Harbor/Save the Bay staffers, I was greeted by the friendly staff of the Friends of Wollaston Beach. We gathered water from down at the shore line and trekked back up the beach with it to provide Mr. Lobster with a safe place to enjoy the event. Little did we know we would be making this trek many a time on this hot summer day to make sure the water was cold enough for Mr. Lobster’s standards. Kids came
by with friends, siblings and family members to see what may be hiding in the mysterious touch tank. Some just said hello, others came back later and a few had to be pulled away by mom and dad because they wanted to stay with Mr. Lobster forever.
If you want to know a great way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon, just come down to KidsFEST on Wollaston Beach and you will be more than entertained.
-Sarah Appleton (Friends of Wollaston Beach- KidsFEST, July 23)

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