Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crab Extravaganza

Happy weekend harbor explorers!

I hope everyone's been enjoying the great weather by spending some quality time at the beach. On Friday the rain and clouds made for a chilly start to the morning at the Children's Museum, but that didn't stop eager kids from learning about crabs at our touch tank!

We caught a lot of crabs: Green crabs (which aren't always green) and Spider crabs (which always look like spiders). I was so impressed by all the children that couldn't wait to touch and hold the sea critters. Almost all of these explorers-in-training asked what we do with the crabs at the end of the day, and were very relieved when I told them to everything we catch is released back into Fort Point Channel. These kids have such big hearts; they all care about getting the crabs back to their crab homes!

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