Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Red Sox Game

Although the Red Sox lost yesterday, I still had a ball! I am so glad I won the Celebrity Fishing competition and got to sit in these great third base line seats! Since I won two tickets I took my boyfriend, Manuel Garcia, to enjoy a lovely ball game with Conor and Cassie.
Sadly, the weather was horrible! :( RAIN! It began raining around 4pm and continued, but all four of us accompanied by hardcore Red Sox fans stayed until we knew for certain the game was cancelled. Our faith in the game still occurring came through and the scheduled game for 7:15pm was now going to be played at 9:30pm.
While we sat in our beautiful scenery seats we still smiled with our $8 ponchos! So expensive, but worth it. As we sat and waited for those long 2 1/2 hours I was able to get to know my co-workers Conor and Cassie and build a tighter bond with the two. I loved how all four of us bonded as if we were close friends; however, this was our first time hanging out together.
Finally, when the ball game started we added to the loud cheering echoing throughout Fenway Park dancing and singing! :) We tried so hard to get on the Jumbo tron at Fenway park and keep Cassie's streak alive. Unfortunately, we did not succeed with our head bobbing, jumping and crazy yelling! Time flew by and before we knew it, it was 12:30am, and this awesome game was going extra inning. I had a lot of fun last night! I hope I win another competition and win more Red Sox tickets in fascinating seats again!
-Kristina :)

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