Saturday, July 30, 2011

Impacting Lives

On Thursday I had the opportunity to go to Spectacle Island with almost 300 campers. However, this wasn't just another day on the island, this was a day I'll remember forever. We had between 2-4 camps that were aimed at helping disabled children. These campers were not any different from other children. Their interest in crabs and the marine life was just the same. They were enthusiastic about touching and holding the organisms we had caught in the lobster traps. While I was at the top of the North Drumlin, Maria was eager to know about the surrounding islands and their names. She was definitely interested in knowing whether Georges Island was really haunted or not. Of all the campers I had interacted with at Spectacle Island, two of them stood out. Although they were not so much into the trip, I learned a little bit about who they are and where they come from. On the way down from the North Drumlin, Tatiana and Cindy told me that they are hearing impaired. Tatiana is able to read lips while Cindy could talk perfectly fine. These girls are average teens, a little shy, but they are so kind. Cindy and Tatiana taught me some English AND Spanish sign language on the boat. I was amazed to see the impact that Save the Harbor has on people's lives. The campers learned a lot about the Harbor while the Save the Harbor staff learned about the campers. Days like this are reasons why I wanted to join Save the Harbor.


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