Monday, July 18, 2011

Lions and Turtles and Castles, Oh My!

Hello Boston! How was your weekend?

Let me tell you a little bit about ours. This past weekend was one of the most exciting weekends of the summer on our beaches-- Revere Beach Partnership hosted their annual National Sand Sculpting Festival, the largest festival of its kind on the east coast! Every year, the festival attracts hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors to Revere Beach to see the scultors at work and to marvel at their finished works of art. I even rode the T with students from Mexico, Russia, Italy and Turkey (just to name a few) who were here studying English in the mornings and taking day trips around Boston in the afternoons. People were literally coming to Revere from all over the world!

Now, if you've never been to Revere Beach for the Festival, you might not understand how breathtaking and unbelievable these sculptures are. You might be thinking, "Big deal, it's just a bunch of sandcastles, right?"


You see that castle? There are LIGHTS in the windows! They truly outdid themselves this year.

I got to see the sculptors at work, but if you head over to Revere right now, the finished works of sand art are still intact along the beach by the Bandstand. Hurry over before it rains this week! You really won't regret it, and you'll be absolutely floored by the things that Revere's sculptors can do with sand.

I want to say a HUGE congratulations to Ernie Garneau and Revere Beach Partnership for another fantastic event this year. They made some awesome improvements to past years (as if past years needed improvement!), and they went extremely well. Ernie and his team created the "Learning Village" this year, placing all youth-centered activities in one place for the first time. They also created the "Community Village" where all of Revere's small non-profit community groups were group together, giving them a sense of togetherness and a whole lot a foot traffic. These were great additions for the community in Revere, and great ways for the Revere community to share their gifts with such a large local, national, and international audience! We're extremely proud to partner with them and work alongside them to make our Harbor a better place, and a place we can share with so many people each year.

See you on the docks!

Michelle Palermino

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