Friday, July 29, 2011

This Island has a Beach!

This past week, I had the joy of taking over 700 kids out to Spectacle Island with no cost to them. Some if these children had never been to an island before and for a few it was their first time ever going to a beach. One conversation I had with a little girl went as follows:

Little Girl: "My Daddy said he is going to take me to a beach soon!"

Me: "Well we're going to a beach today!"

Little Girl: "I thought we were going to an island?"

Me: " We are going to an island and this island has a beach!"

Little Girl:"REALLY?!"

Me: "Yes, really."

The little girl's eyes lit up with joy as she came to the realization that she was in fact not only going to an island for the first time but also getting her first experience at a beach.

This little girl is not alone in the firsts category. Many of the children that we take out who are first timers have never seen or been on an island before, or at least not to thier knowledge.

The children enjoyed picking up sea glass and old bits of pottery on the southern beach of the island. These artifacts are the only remaining history of Spectacle Island's interesting past. When the early afternoon sun dwindled our exploring hearts, we headed over to the swimming beach to enjoy the rest of our time on the island in a cool relaxing state.

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