Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Getting Even with the Eels

        Hello again fellow explorers!

        Over the past month of working at Community Boating, I've become well acquainted with the eels that reside in the Charles river. Day after day the eels we catch are put on display for any and all that catch a glimpse of the slimy creatures swimming around in our touch tank. While you can't blame on-lookers for being eager and excited to play with the eels, most of them don't understand the stress that they are putting these eels through.

Regurgitated eel food...yum!

Most of the time these poor guys will throw up whatever they have in their stomachs because of the stress they are under. These eels are still pretty resilient, and always find a way to survive the seemingly endless waves of hands grabbing and touching them.

Don't try this at home kids

Since these eels have to put up with so much, I figured it was only right if they had the chance to get a little payback. So today, I got the not so bright idea to let the lone eel we caught take a cheap shot at me. As soon as I put my finger in the tank that eel was on the attack, chasing my finger like it was a a juicy fish. After a few moments of hesitation, I gathered the courage to sit still and let him take a bite.

        In my head I was waiting for the worst. I saw visions of myself flailing my hand in agony as the eel hung on for the ride. I pictured having to pull the little eel off and running over to the near-by Mass General Hospital. But to my surprise (and relief), the eel couldn't even get his mouth around my finger! Letting out a sigh of relief, I realized there wasn't much else I could do to help the little guy out other than letting him retreat to the cool bottom of the Charles.

Until next time, keep on exploring!

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