Monday, August 4, 2014

Warmer Water, More Surprises!


It's week 4 at the Boston Children's Museum, and we are having a blast. It's hard to believe that it's August already, and summer will be coming to a close in a few weeks. But until then the Fort Point Channel is bustling, and we are catching numerous animals.

According to the National Oceanic Date Center, the waters of the Boston Harbor will be the warmest of the season during the month of August with a projected low of 66 and a high of 68. Depending on the species of animal, the optimum water temperature range is 55 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Although warmer waters can make sea animals more susceptible to predators and parasites, it can also mean that there will be plenty of movement and excitement in the waters right below where we fish and crab each day.
 photo IMG_0239_zpse130deb8.jpg

For the first time, we caught a salt water eel that we believe was an American Eel. He was dark in color and about 2 feet long. After we showed the eel, to a group of kids and parents, we set him free back into the water, so that he could be more comfortable.

Each day at the Children's Museum is an adventure, and you never know what you could catch.

See you on the Pier,

Iris Ayala

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