Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Man's Trash

Hello there! My name is Annie Adams and I’m a Lead Explorer here at Save the Bay/Save the Harbor. I am currently a student at Eckerd College, which is in St. Petersburg, Florida, and working on my Environmental Studies major and Coastal Management minor. This is my first summer in Boston and I am new to Save the Bay/Save the Harbor. Though I have traveled to Boston before, many of the sites are brand new to me, including the much talked about Spectacle Island.
Many of my fellow teammates here at Save the Bay/Save the Harbor have already been to Spectacle Island but all seemed excited to visit there again to enjoy more adventures. There

was no way of knowing what to expect at what could be found at Spectacle until I got there. Of course there is the famous amount of sea glass that can be found there but I was not informed of the incredible artifacts that spoke to a wonderful history of Boston that also existed along the coastline. Among the varying colors of sea glass, there were beautiful pieces of broken china with intricate designs and old bean pots. I managed to find a marble that was slightly distorted from being weathered down by the surf and sun. The group gathered together to discuss what interesting things we found on the beach. There were many pieces of broken pottery and a few marbles but the coolest treasure was the die. Though, one of the most meaningful findings was the bag full of garbage from our generation. While the trash of the early history of Boston is something we see as pretty cool, I doubt that the garbage of today can be seen the same way. To me this says a lot about our lifestyle and our use of resources. Their trash would have been able to be reused if it had not been broken, while our trash has already expired it’s one time use. This value of trash really spoke to me because it made me think about all the things that I throw away and where many of my favorite items come from. Hopefully, one day, our trash will be cool enough for the people of the future to appreciate.
-Annie Adams

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