Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blue is Back!

Hello again! It feels great to be back at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay during their 25th Anniversary summer especially that we were just a part of an amazing, historical event that made the beaches of South Boston and North Dorchester the CLEANEST Urban Beaches in America!

I was fortunate enough to attend the first event of a big day that included giving out $25,000 in Better Beaches
Grants to local community groups. But first was the Public Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in South Boston of the CSO Storage Tunnel on Castle Island. It was my first time at Pleasure Bay and even though it wasn't the sunniest day, it was awesome to witness history for South Boston.

I met the most amazing, influential people that were involved with this project including Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein, Senator Jack Hart, and got to take a picture of Mayor Menino! It was amazing to meet the other people involved in the great Boston Harbor clean up.

As I sat in the front row and listened to Fredrick A. Laskey, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, and many of the other people that he worked with in order to make the beaches of South Boston and North Dorchester so clean I was inspired by the passion that they had for the Harbor.

It is true that the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and Boston Harbor have the ability to connect millions of people every day on the waterfront. I'm so happy to be apart of this great non-profit again this summer.


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