Friday, August 1, 2014

All Access, FUN... Goodbye Wilson

So far All Access is a win. At first I was really scared when I saw that about 300 kids where getting on the boat to go to an island with only about 5 or 6 of us. Chaos? Not really. The supervisors helped out a lot in keeping the kids together and organized. When we got to the boat I was introduced to a game of double bounce. It sounds easy until the ball is spun and does not go in the direction you think  it is going to head.

David is one sneaky guy. I thought I was safe and I had escaped his wrath but nope, I thought wrong. Before I knew it I was grabbed and put into the cold Spectacle Island water. It's actually pretty scary when you do not know what you are going to end up stepping on with your next step. So, I pretty much feel like a survivor right now. At first you play a nice game of Kickball (if Carlos does not aim for your soul) or go fishing with Sam and then once you are pretty tired and ready to relax you get to splash into the nice cooling water, and that is how you finish your day.

On our way back, staff and children decided to play an easy going game of Double Bounce. Double Bounce is almost like four squares instead that if you let the ball bounce twice before getting the ball you are out. We were passing by Camp Harbor View when the little boy who had the ball had mysteriously slipped out of his hand, hit the top part of smoke stack of the boat, bounced on the edge of the trash bin, bouncing onto the top of the string railing of the boat TWICE and then off into the water. That experience was one you had to see to believe, it looked like something that could only happen in Tom and Jerry.  The little boy felt bad, and we assured him that it was nothing to worry about, which is true I rather had the ball than the boy going overboard.

All Access was an experience to remember, a fun experience!
Doing something... fun

-Until the next one
Chavelyn S.

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