Friday, August 1, 2014

May I Paint Your Fish?

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This weekend has been a very interesting and colorful one. I arrived to the Seafood Festival at about 10:30 AM. People in lobster costumes were roaming around, kids swarming tents left and right and the distinct smell of various seafood filled the air. Me and my team began to set the table by placing numerous painting colors, fish and many pieces of paper on the table to catch the spilling paint. Sam first showed us how fish painting was done and then allowed us to try. It did not seem hard and it really wasn't. It was actually pretty fun. After a trial round, kids began coming up to the tables and asking if they could do some fish painting. Kids were using very nice colors and patterns. Purple base with green fins and golden polka dots. Blue, red and green patterned fish, all different types of really nice colors. The kids really enjoyed making fish paintings and were OK with leaving the beautiful paintings with us to put in a mural for other kids to see. I found that to be pretty awesome.

- Chemar David

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