Monday, July 1, 2019

Week 0 - Orientation/Into to SHSB

Hello! Some of you may remember me from last year, but I'll introduce myself again anyways. My name is Colin McRae, and I'm a rising sophomore at NYU studying Music Technology. I'm from Swampscott, a small coastal town a half-hour's drive north of Boston. I play piano (classically trained, but recently I'm trying to learn jazz), and I'm on the NYU Ballroom and Latin Dance team. I'm also a top Super Smash Bros player at NYU.

I'm really excited to work at Save the Harbor again this summer because I love having the opportunity to work outside and teach kids about the environment. It combines my passion in environmentalism with an outdoors job with kids. It's SOOO much better than sitting inside all day. Working for Save the Harbor always changes, too: I don't expect to ever get bored working here over the summer. The children are always fun and unpredictable, each catch is different, and there are lots of sites to work at.

My favorite part of orientation was definitely the fishing trip on day 2. I love getting out on the harbor and fishing, and I don't get to do it very often. Teaching the new JPA's instead of the regular crowd of campers was a welcome change, and I got to know a few of my coworkers better as a result. Bruce made everyone homemade ceviche 2 ways, traditional and Japanese, and while I couldn't eat it (I'm a vegetarian) it seemed like everyone enjoyed it.

Song of the Week: MetrĂ³pole by Anomalie

~Colin McRae

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