Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ahmed Hassan, Training

Hi everyone, my name is Ahmed M. Hassan. This will be my first summer working at STH/STB and I am really looking forward to it. I am an upcoming junior at Fenway Pilot High School. On my training days I got to meet the youth staffers I will be working with this summer and I got along with them quickly. We went out to Spectacle Island and we had to look for beach glass and share what we found. David sang a sea shanty to us which sailors used to put lines up. The shanty was called “haul away JOE!” There was an emphasis on the “Joe” because that’s when the sailors pulled. I learned a lot on those two days like how to fish and Connor teaching us how to use crab traps. I learned the basics of fishing and tried it but sadly didn’t catch a single fish. This summer at STH/STB I want to experience the difference between being a city kid and a person who is constantly at sea. I want to learn to love the waters and to catch fish. I want to interact with children and become a role model to them. I am really looking to forward to being with STH/STB this summer and working with the whole staff.


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