Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All About Me

Hi, My name is Liz Torres and I am a new staff member of Saving the Harbor/Saving the Bay. Irecently just graduated from Beacon Academy and in september I will be going to Kents Hill located in Maine. I found out about this job through my school and I am ready to start working. I am looking forward to working with the kids and learning more about the Boston harbor this summer! I know I will enjoy working with the people here, and I already have learned an abundance amount of information during my training. While I was at Spectacle Island I learned a lot about the history of the island, and about how the harbor used to bring in way too much trash. On the shore of Spectacle Island there is a spectrum of sand glass that looks very interesting. The things written on it shows alot about it's history and where it was made. On my second day of training the group went to the children's musuem and I was taught how to fish. I am looking forward to teaching other kids how to fish and to be looked up upon by the younger kids. I want the kids to have a great summer and to find a new appreciation for the Harbor and the marine life that lives in the Harbor. I expect to grow a lot this summer and to gain a lot of responsibilty while being able to maintain a balance with work and personal life. I can't wait for Tuesday!

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