Friday, July 8, 2011

First week !!

The first week of work has been a blast. At the Boston Children's Museum, there was a group of kids that were so thrilled to be able to fish. One child wanted me to teach him how to cast the line into the water. I taught him the steps of casting, and on the first try, he did it perfectly. At the site, my coo-workers and I caught over eight crabs. There was a time when I was pulling the crab trap out of the water and I saw a huge spider crab hanging from the line. At first I thought that the spider crab was a stick that got caught on the line, but then it began to move. The crab went into the touch tank. The children could not believe what they were looking at. They claimed that they never seen anything so big. There was a little girl maybe at the age of three, she held the crab even though she was scared. She held it by herself and I was excited for her because she had faced her fear of the crab.

On Wednesday, at the Constitution Beach, there was a huge group of kids that came out to fish and do different activities with us. We all played a game where there were five groups of kids and they had to run to the end of the line and act out a animal that lives in the water. The marine educators and I had to stand at the end of the line to guess what the sea animal was.

After the game we all practiced how to cast the line. The group of kids I had were very enthusiastic and were ready to learn. They loved doing it so much that they did not want to stop. My group only had one fishing rod so they had to share and take turns casting. When it was time to go, there were three kids in my group that did not get the advantage to cast the line. I felt bad for them so I stayed down the beach and had them cast. From this experience I realized that I have to work hard because the children I see everyday work hard to learn.


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