Friday, July 8, 2011

The first spider crab

Hello there, it's Hugues again this has only been my first week at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay but I have learned many things and had made some great friends. This week I worked at Piers Park, Courageous Sailing and I also help out at Castle Island. A camper at Castle Island wanted to catch a crab, but didn't have a staff member to go with her so I volunteered to accompany her. First I taught her how to use a muscle as bate for the crab trap; then we lowered it in the water hoping to catch a crab. Unfortunately we weren't so lucky. The second time, she wanted to put it in the water herself. We waited patiently for a bite. A few minutes later we pulled it up and there was a "spider crab". She was scared at first but she got use to it and actually pick it up .We got the crab in a touch tank and everyone was so amazed."It was the biggest catch of the week". Well, this have been a great week for me I had alot of fun and looking foward for more great adventures.

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