Thursday, July 7, 2011

Octupuses, Sea Glass, and Waves, Oh My!

Hello harbor explorers!

The first two days on Spectacle Island for All Access Boston Harbor have been FANTASTIC! The crew (David, Thi, Deirdre, Josette, Aruna, Leon, Mark, Ahmed, and Manny) and I have been basking in the hot sun and enjoying ourselves by playing in the water.

We've also had the opportunity to teach many new campers about the Treasures of Spectacle Island. We combed the beach, looking for the most interesting pieces of sea glass and pottery. We then put all our pieces together, and played detectives: we hypothesized that some of our pieces were once bottles, plates, and tea cups! All of the campers were enthusiastic and uncovered some really intriguing pieces (all of which we left in the sand where we found it!)

The beginning of this summer is off to a great start; I can't wait to be back on the islands next


PS: We found an amazing sea glass masterpiece today, it may be by favorite summer 2011 picture so far!

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