Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A hilarious day at Piers Park

I thought that Thursday was just going to be another normal day on the job, but boy was I wrong. Thursday was a sweltering day, and once the Save the Harbor crew went to go get our equipment from the shipping container, we noticed that a large amount of the fishing rods were tangled. Sarah suggested that Monique and I fix the rods while she and Jazeel go down to the dock with the kids. I wholeheartedly agreed because the shipping container was an oasis from the terrible heat that was radiating from the sun that day. I was in the middle of stringing up a rod when Monique exclaimed "Look Vinh! Geese!" I dropped everything and was treated to a hilarious scene: Three geese cooling off in a convenient puddle while a fourth goose was being chased around by a Piers Park worker. He was attempting to corral the fourth goose back through the gates because apparently goose poop doesn't quite add to the aesthetic value of the park.

The three geese seeking refuge in the container

Both Monique and I could hardly contain our laughter because it was such a bizarre sight. The poor fourth goose finally made it through the gate. the other three geese decided that they had enough of it all, and wandered off into the sailing program's shipping container. It was very likely that the three geese had stayed inside the container for quite some time because the next morning Sarah checked out the container to discover that the geese had left many presents on the floor. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard on the job in my life!

-Vinh Tran
Junior Program Assistant

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