Friday, July 26, 2013

From the harbor's choppy waves, I emerge victorious!

Yesterday was Save the Harbor's annual fishing tournament. As usual the day was hectic as the Save the Harbor staff rushed to accommodate all of the staff and many of their guests. Although the weather was extremely cold and windy for a summer day, the staff and their guests were still buzzing with energy and high expectations. Yesterday was the polar opposite of last year's fishing tournament, because the temperature reached well above a scorching 90 degrees. After a not exactly healthy breakfast of munchkins and donuts, it was time to be sorted out into the five different boats commandeered by some friends of Save the Harbor. My friend Jean and I were lucky enough to be placed into Captain John and Cyndi's boat, along with my coworker Hung. I have known the pair since my first year working here, and as usual they were glad to see me once more.

Jean, myself, and Hung
It was just the three of us on the boat. The ride out to the harbor was incredibly fun, because the boat was very fast. Captain John decided that it was time to troll and drop a set of lures called "niners''. This type of fishing lure is designed to mirror a school of fish. Pretty soon the fishing rod was tugging, and I decided to take the initiative and grab it. The fish was surprisingly strong! It put up a very good fight, but I was able to conquer it and pull it onto the boat. Sadly although the striped bass was 22 inches, it did not meet the keeping size requirement of 28 inches. However, I was elated to have caught my first fish of the summer as well as winning a spanking new fishing rod for my feat!

Hung, myself, and Jean on the boat

My 22 inch catch!

Until next time,
Vinh Tran

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