Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Line fishing...literally

Out of all the campers at the Piers Park Sailing Center, there is one harbor explorer that the Save the Harbor staff unanimously agrees as being the "most cute", that is Donovan Cassidy. Donovan is a bright and cheery explorer that knows the ropes really well. He is well acquainted with all of the basic skills that is essential of a harbor explorer. From baiting a hook to scouring the bottom of the dock for mussels, Donovan completes these tasks with efficiency and enthusiasm. This proficiency of his is partly due to him being a returning explorer from the summer before. He is always happy, and it is extremely rare to find him without a smile plastered onto his face.

Donovan after cooling off in the sprinklers
Out of all the activities offered at the program, Donovan enjoys fishing the most. He is always asking other explorers for a turn on the fishing rod. He is very passionate about fishing despite his small size. The fishing rod is easily twice his size, and arguably the same weight as him. All jokes aside, one day on the dock I overhear Donovan frantically calling my name. He was struggling with the rod which was bent over from the sheer weight of the catch. As I headed on over and assisted him reel up his catch I noticed that the catch was excessively heavy. It turns out that Donovan caught a long rope that was easily ten feet long. We were both very surprised and tickled because we all assumed he had caught a big fish. I will look forward to funny moments like this one this summer.

A fellow camper helps Donovan bait his hook with a worm

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