Monday, July 29, 2013

Technology-Ridden Office

       Little do people know, the moment they step into the Save the Harbor office, they are stepping into a land of marine science in every nook and cranny. We have evolved from our 4 or 5 desktop computers from the summer of 2009 to 5 more Macbooks last year to 6 more Google Chrome books this summer.

Blogging in the office
       The office now has mobile hotspots that allow us to have internet access everywhere we go to blog about the amazing things that we do for the kids we have at the eight sites along the Harbor. I can't believe how accessible everything is now and it has been incredible to see how much more our influence can spread with our new technology. Blogs can be written, edited, and published in a blink of an eye. Emails can be sent within seconds.
The first spider crab in our crab traps!
       For a first hand experience, the moment I click the capture picture button on the camera, I can upload it to our photobucket folder and be used in our blog as soon as possible. So many things are possible now and   everyone can see how we progress through the week with our new field guides so we can identify each and every creature that passes our line of sight.
Pulling up the crab trap!
       Besides the laptops that reside in the office and the Chrome books that follow our Senior staff at all sights, there are also new crab traps and lobster traps that are much more efficient in grabbing up the interesting animals living in the harbor to put in our touch tanks to show the thousands of kids throughout the summer. If kids are interested in chemistry and how the quality of the ocean water changes often, they can use our water quality tests that can be recorded in our logbooks.
With the dipnets and the touch tank!
       Another great device that has come into the hands of our staff are our underwater cameras! They can just be lowered into the water and a whole other world can be seen in a 3" by 5" screen.

       I love our new technology and although we have come all this way and have all of these gadgets, I would love to see how much more equipped we can be in the future! We still have many parts of our program that can be more effective and nudged along until we reach the maximum preparedness to spread our message of loving the harbor and doing our part of the responsibility to keep it clean.

Stay updated,
Thi Tran

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