Monday, July 29, 2013

Hermit Crab Adventures !

hey everyone Manny here ! i just wanted to upload this photo of me will and tom with our young explores of blacks creak. we searched for a lot of sea creatures on our adventures here some of which were very rare finds, we found hermit crabs a bunch of clams and a lot of muscles. we then decided to make a game out of our adventure while finding little sea creatures. will Clark suggested that the kids find something interesting and explain why they think it is interesting and for every interesting thing they find whatever group they are in gains a point. at first a lot of kids were finding rocks of odd shape a lot of different colored rocks as well. but some kids were lucky enough to find small pieces of sea glass and other really interesting things. a majority of us continued to explore some other things that caught our attention. the kids really enjoyed themselves some of them even told friends and there friends suggested the save the harbor save the bay crew to there parents and now we have even more future harbor explorers joining us for another fantastic summer !

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