Friday, July 26, 2013

Big Suprise!!!!

Hey, Will here again, more surprised than ever after the morning we had at Blacks Creek! The first session with the kids went as usual, exploring the creek and finding everything from hermit crabs to large schools of shrimp. The sailing center that we work along side had set our crab trap out the night before and we got it back during the transition in groups. Not only did we find about a dozen green crabs, but an eel had also made its way in. It was about two feet in length and likely found its way into our trap looking to feast on the many crabs inside.

The eel drew about as much attention from the kids and parents as a talking dog. They were fearless as Tom pulled it from our trap, the kids didn't think twice before they felt its slimy outer coating. They listened intently as Tom explained the species and its characteristics. The fishing had been real poor there in the past so this rare and big catch was good for everyone's morale.

Fearless Exploration
With the sun slowly burning through the clouds and all the kids "turn't up" the rest of session two went great. I enjoyed the time spent with my little buddy Mathew, as we caught a boat load of minnows and he told me about his upcoming vacation to New Hampshire. He's like my partner in crime and reminds me of the time when I fell in love with the water. Its good to know that he, along with the rest of our explorers feel comfortable with us and can just be kids.
Little Matt and I flexing our fish catching muscles!

-Will Conroy

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