Friday, July 26, 2013

I aint scared to touch boi !

It's always fun to be at The Children's Museum because there are lots of kids that wonder and want to know about the harbor. What I personally like is teaching the kids about the harbor, how to hold a crab,  how to fish, how to tell the difference between a female and a male crab, and also what Save The Harbor/Save The Bay is about. I had a great day at The Children's Museum.  There were a lot questions to be answered and a lot of things to be done. One of favorite parts of the day was meeting these two kids that are in the picture above.
What they so excited to touch 
On another note, AABH was the place to be today. If you weren't there than you missed out on a lot of fun things. Today was kick ball heaven. Although my team lost 15 to 5, the effort that my team gave is all that matters. The dark tunnels at Fort Warren were fun to go into as well. It's especially fun when kids get scared and run back out. As always, it was truly worth the trip.

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