Friday, July 19, 2013

Where are All the Fish?

     The Children's Museum is on a pier that seems to be lacking in fish.  As a team, we have caught a combined zero fish on the rods.  We have caught at least one crab with the rods every day but no fish.  I am still determined to be the first one to catch a fish.  The children deserve to see a fish or even catch one themselves.  I do not care if it takes all summer.  I will be the first person to catch a fish at the Children's Museum.
No Fishes
     One thing we have not been short of are crabs and kids love crabs.  Whether it is their first day or their tenth day, they can not get enough of the crabs.  They think crabs are the coolest thing ever, and I can not say I disagree with them.  As you can see from the picture the children are just perplexed by the crabs.  They love the facts about the light houses and hour glasses.  No matter how many crabs we catch, I will not be satisfied until we catch a fish.

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