Friday, July 26, 2013

The best sculptures EVER !!!

When I first got to Revere Beach I was really excited and did not know what to expect. At first everything was just so interesting and really cool to see. There was music playing, people performing, samples of different types of food being given away and many different trucks selling food. At first I had to talk about the lobster in the touch tank and had to tell everyone that came by some interesting facts about the lobster. The trick question about the lobster was what color is a lobster's blood? Everyone that we asked said yellow or blue, but the lobster's blood is transparent. Whenever we told them that they always said, "wow" because they all thought that the blood was an actual color.

After I was done talking about the touch tank I went to see all the sculptures that were being built. When I saw the sculpture I was like " OH MY GOD these are beautiful". There were a lot of them and they were all unique in their own way. The most interesting one was the Boston Strong sculpture. It was showing respect to all the people that got injured in the bombing at the Boston Marathon. I found it really nice because they really put a lot of work into the sculpture It was a lot of fun working on this day I hope there are more interesting events to come.

Flash before my eyes!


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