Friday, July 26, 2013


          This is the week of lobsters! We have caught four lobsters and it's only Wednesday. Today at the McDonough Sailing Center we had an overflow of crabs and we had a record setting trap in which we caught four lobsters in one day. Like always, my friend, Mae, was very excited to see the Harbor Explorers show up. The week so far has been cool even though it rained on Tuesday. I am looking forward to Thursday even though I'm not the greatest fisherman to walk amongst men. I am really happy that this week most of the kids have been showing up everyday and they are all really excited to show up and be involved.  

The Kids With The Lobsters that We Caught Today!!!!!!!!!!
      Piers Park this week has been terrific. The kids who are showing up are always consistent and all they talk about is how much fun they are having with the Harbor Explorers. Today we caught a load of crabs, we had about thirty or more crabs in one catch. The kids were all very excited because we have not caught that many crabs since the first week. We had the most crabs in the history of crab races and we didn't know who was the winner.Unfortunately we caught no lobsters this week at Piers Park, but we are still excited for what's up ahead.

Us Playing Sardines

Only a Fraction Of The Total Crabs We Caught

This week we also went on a fishing  trip tournament around the harbor and I was on the winning team. My team was full of cool people and all the fishermen on board were cool, including the Captain. I thought it was really cool that the captain was using an iPad to navigate around the harbor. My team caught a total of thirty fishes including some skates, that we released back into the ocean. Over all the trip was pretty good even though is was really cold and all the fishes were hiding and didn't come out.
And They Said I Couldn't Fish

I Did It Mom
Adios : Jazeel Mendes

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