Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Easy Day

Showing children a crab
Yesterday at the Children's Museum, it was a slow day. We started to take the fishing rods, baits, traps, and some stuff for fishing and crabbing. We used a big fish as baits. Iris cut a fish into many pieces. While she was cutting, suddenly the knife broke, because the fish was frozen. She used the other knife to cut a fish. We put bait onto the fishing rods, we put traps under ocean.

We got only one fish. We caught three crabs and a fish the first time. We showed the crabs and fish to children, and we showed children how to hold the crabs with their hands. We told them which crab is a male and which crab is a female. We had a break for 30 minutes. After that, we caught six crabs in a trap. So many children came to see the crabs, and they asked us a lot of questions. Some of the children were fishing. At the end of the day, we threw all the crabs back into the ocean.

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