Monday, July 29, 2013

Please Don't be a Crab...Please Don't be a Crab!!!


Last Wednesday I caught my first fish of the season! It's never really too late, right? Lately My sister, Anicia, and I have only been catching baby fish using our crab traps, fancy right?

Wednesday was an especially nice day due to the extreme high tide. However, there were no children around. So the three Junior program assistants: Mark, Hung, and I decided to have a fishing competition! We all set our rods, hooked bait, and our game faces were on!

I was determined to win and nothing...I mean nothing will get in my way. However, to my surprise, I was not the first person to lore in a fish. Mark was the first place winner.

Rather than giving up, I tried harder and waited longer. One minute later, my rod started bobbing up and down. It was not me. I reeled in my line, and BAM!!!

A baby Heron!

Hung later caught a fish too! You must remember to keep your line and bait close to the surface as oppose to the bottom where crabs can snatch your bait! Today was an awesome day. I hope this is an indication for a fishy future :)



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