Monday, July 29, 2013

The Big Fish

 Everything started on Thursday July, 25 at 6:30 in the morning, it was a gloomy morning and we had just arrived at the dock where the boats were waiting for us. The Save the Harbor/Save the Bay team all wondered what was in store for them on the fishing trip. We all separated into different boats.  Then we were off to not go fishing but to catch fish.
Bruce helping me fish

 Not many members of my team have had any luck catching fish and today was the day everyone hoped to catch their first fish, especially me. I have never caught anything and like everyone else i was motivated to catch at least one fish. when the boat came to a stop everyone got there fishing rods ready and got to work. 
  As we were waiting for the fish to take a bite out of the bait the whole group engaged in conversation and got to know each other better. People were laughing and competing on who would catch the first or biggest fish.
my first fish 
 Then all of a sudden people started getting bites and we reeled in as head as we could and excited to see what we had caught some people caught skates another caught a flounder. I personally caught a sea bast and it was the biggest one anyone in the all the whole fishing trip. It was amazing. i was overjoyed by what had just happen. As a result of catching the biggest fish i won a fishing rod.   
   it was cool to try something new and succeed, everyone is good at different things and trying new things is the only way you can find them. 
  keep on swimming -jennifer

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