Friday, July 19, 2013

Girl vs. Fish

Fishing at Community Boating
Hello beautiful people,

This morning the children of Community Boating and I  had some fun fishing. We weren't really having any luck catching anything with fishing rods and we were pretty bummed. That was when my Senior Marine Educator, Sarah Bailey, showed a few of us a spot right along the river bank where Sunfish like to hang out. Lucky for us there was a lovely willow tree  in the same spot to shade us from the 91 degree weather.  We grabbed a net, took a seat on the grass, and it was on! 

I was on a mission!

One fish in particular wanted to be difficult and not let us catch him. The kids and I were getting so frustrated because it was practically teasing us. We tried to throw food in the water to make it come closer to us but it would just come grab some food and swim away really fast. The kids switched off with the net trying to catch the fish but to no avail. Soon everyone was around us, giving ideas on how to catch this fish. Some kids gave up and decided to try their luck catching fish with the fishing rods. I got so fed up that I finally just hopped in the water to try to catch the stubborn fish. This job has really changed me and made me more adventurous. Before I worked at STH/STB, I never would have willingly gotten in water where fish would be swimming around me. I used to be afraid to be in the same water as fish, crabs, or anything that wasn't human. People can always afford to expand their horizons and try new things, they may be surprised at how far out of their comfort zone they will actually go. 

                                                                                                        Catch you on the flip side, 

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