Friday, July 19, 2013


I had a very exciting week at all of the sites mostly because of the kids. I made a new friend this week and we became best friends. My new friend is Mai and we became really cool, because I helped her catch crabs and a lobster. Mai is really smart and shes always excited when she sees people walking through the gate with a blue shirt. This week we caught a total of 4 crabs from each site and the biggest one was from the Mcdoungh sailing center.
Mae giving me a wet, hello hug
The over all experience this week was awesome, all the kids were enjoying themselves and learning at the same time. The kids helped me set the lobster trap in which we caught two lobsters and one of them was huge. Working with these kids has been really cool because they learn and they don't notice it and the next day they come in saying, "Did you know that the green crab has 5 spikes?" Today I went swimming  and it was really fun, the water helped me cool down from the excruciating heat.

Hoping To Catch More Lobsters : Jazeel Mendes
Me Trying To Escape The Heat

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