Friday, July 26, 2013

New Adventure

At Community Boating we set off on a new adventure on the Charles exploring the river from a new point of view by using a kayak. We saw ducks, fish, and gorgeous lilies enjoying the river. We were able to discuss with the kids why its important to keep the river clean, as it is essential to these animals for survival. Being able to leave dry land and experience the city from a kayak is like entering into a different world, one that makes the Charles feel even more magical than it already is.
Me on a kayak 
The kids enjoyed trying something new as well as learning more about their local ecosystem. They realized that when people throw things in the river it makes it less beautiful and harms the animals that call the river home. The kids learned a new appreciation for the river, and the experience for myself was a peaceful one.  It gave me time to self reflect on how I could help keep the river clean for future generations to enjoy for years to come.
All the explorers on the river
I was proud of our team, we all saw an opportunity to try something different, even if we were scared, making us excellent role models to the kids that were also trying something new for the first time. We all learned something different from this new experience and walked away from it with even more confidence knowing we had all taken a risk.

Looking forward to trying new adventures in the future- Jennifer 

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