Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rock Lobstah!

Yet another day at Courageous and yet another thrilling adventure on the docks! Even though this is my first year working with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay, I believe that Courageous Sailing Center is one of the best sites to be. The team and Senior Marine Educator (Sarah Bailey) we have on site has something to do with that as well! We try our best to make the day as enjoyable as possible for us and especially the children. Without the kids, we would not have much business to do out on the pier. Our purpose is to not only provide a fun and safe environment for them but to educate them on the sea life that swims below their feet and all around the world in different bodies of water as well as keeping their home [the water] clean too. We meet any chance we get as a team to figure how to improve ourselves and give the kids the most educational and awesome experience they could have. We plan lessons that range from bio-luminescence to sea invertebrates.

Lesson on what makes a fish a fish!
We also have activities for them to do like fishing and pulling up the famous lobster traps! The kids love to do both so its always exciting whether we try our luck fishing off the pier or surprise ourselves with the trapped critters. People may think that it can get old very fast but that only happens if you let it. We try to make every experience as new and different as we can so we will not make ourselves miserable the whole summer. I love this job and so do the rest of my team and the last thing we want is to be bored of it. The traps can never get boring because of how much of a surprise it can be each time we pull it up. Even though most of the time it is just red rock crabs or sea stars, the size and number of limbs they might have is always different and sometimes if we are lucky a lobster falls for our little traps! These lobsters vary in size as well and it is always different when we get lucky enough to find them.

Lucky day with not one lobstah but two lobstahs!
Left to right: Me, Ahmed and Omar
Fishing from the pier is always fun and the beautiful site of the city makes it all the better. We could see the amazing Zakim Bridge and the home of the Big Bad Bruins and the Celtics, The Garden. As a Boston Native, it feels great to have fun while seeing such fantastic sights of my home town. Fishing can get a little tangled, literally. Sometimes the lines cross or the line gets stuck on the pier. The line somehow even gets tangled by the same magic that makes your headphones tie up in your pocket! Regardless it is an easy fix and we are always right back to fishing!

Me untangling a mess (Quick Fix)
Fishing with a view! 


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