Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Out of the DOWNPOUR, into the OFFICE!!

       It's Thi, back at it again, blogging it up! I was really excited for the All Access Boston Harbor trip out to George's Island, but boy, was I in for a surprise at the day at the office. The trip had to be cancelled due to the random downpours of raindrops as large as sea snails! Already at the office, I had resigned myself to the thought of staying inside, away from the great fun out on our harbour. Then, there was a quick expedition to the youth room on the other side of the office building.

       The blank walls called out to us, and we knew they wanted to be covered with works from our staff, all ocean- and Boston Harbor- themed of course! Creatures of all sorts flooded my mind, blabbering about to be painted first. Sea horses, crabs, lobsters, sea stars, barnacles, whales, striped bass, herring, and seaweed were already dancing across the white canopies of streamlined sheets of paper.

Kind of like this, but much more realistic

        My hopes were too big for me to follow up on, but most of the Junior Program Assistants (fondly referred to as JPAs) helped paint the 15 or so marine animals that we were going to cut out and tape onto the sheet. Rustic red, yippy yellow, bronzing brown, perplexing purple, bolding black, and the Big Blue were splashed across the 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper!

Just a squid!
       The end of the day was soon and so the paintbrushes became washed, the painted masterpieces drying neatly in a pile, the very large piece of wavy wallpaper rolled up into a large scroll, and everything else put exactly how it was. We then headed back to the office, wrapping up that part of the day.

       I had a blast just staying inside and just painting again, but I cannot wait for the AABH trip out tomorrow with my first trip with the little bro - Vinh!

          Stay hydrated!
              Thi Tran

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