Monday, July 29, 2013

Curious Kids

At the Children's Museum today, I had a different experience than I have ever had at Community Boating. The frequent flow of kids at the children's museum was much higher than I am used to. There was one girl that was extremely excited to do everything and try anything new. She started by fishing with a poll that was three times her height. This young girl's interest in the world around and fearless mindset is inspirational to anyone scared to try something new.
The bold young girl did not hesitate to holding the crabs, and she even invited other children to do the same.  She was curious about all the animals, and she was courageous towards the unknown. She wanted to find  new ways to learn about the crabs. She went to the tackle box and found a magnifying glass which she then used to look closer at the crabs and look at the dots on there back.
catching a crab 
There are thousands of way to find new information but its up to you what you want to learn about be creative be curious and never stop learning.
                                                 -keep on swimming
                                                                       Jennifer Ramirez

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