Friday, July 26, 2013

Boat Full of First Timmers

The Camp Harbor View fishing trip was a great day. We couldn't ask for better weather, and the fish were biting. By the end of the day we had reeled in a little over a dozen Black Sea Bass. For almost all the campers it was their first time fishing and catching on the harbor. I know for a fact it wasn't their first time on a boat since we had taken the entire camp out on a tour of the harbor. Everyone was excited, and happy for those lucky enough to reel in one of the two keepers that day. 

Young anglers showing off the two Black Sea Bass keepers!
Deckhand Christian and I posing in young campers first fish photo
At the end of the "five hour tour" the campers were exposed to something a little different.  Bruce Berman, also known as the Bay Watcher at STHSTB, filleted the two fish and made sushi for them to try. I myself didn't have any that day, but I am a fan of sushi and have tasted his during our training week! Overall the day was a major plus, with lots of first time experiences and fun. Captain Charlie and his crew made the trip easy and did such a great job on The Belle. It went just as I had hoped, and although I was technically working... I had just as good a time!

Sushi feast!!!!

- Will Conroy

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